PD 5500 Standard


PD 5500:2009 is also known as PD 5500 for short which is a standard provided by the British Standard Institute  (BSI) which is an internationally recognised standard This standard is designed to specify requirements for manufacturers of welded pressure vessels on designing, manufacturing, inspecting, testing and verification of compliance for unfired fusion welded pressure vessels manufactured from carbon Ferritic alloy, austenitic steels, aluminium, copper and nickel are different type of metals used in a wide range of process and energy industry applications.

A pressure vessel is a closed container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure Many fatal accidents have occured in the history of their development and operation due to the fact that the pressure differential is very dangerous. As a result, regulations and engineering authorities that are backed by laws are in place to regulate pressure vessels design, manufacturers and its operation. For these reasons, the definition of a pressure vessel varies from country to country, but involves parameters such as maximum safe operating pressure and temperature This is the reason for creation of PD 5500 standard to ensure the pressure vessels equipment and systems are conducted safely.

PD 5500 also cover further guidelines on constructing strong pressure vessels through mapping of the point of connection to the connection piping by screwing or welding, bolting and importantly reinforce the brackets or other attachments directly welded to the pressure-containing shell. This standard is applicable to vessels subject to electrical heating or heated process streams It, excludes however, those that are subject to direct generated heat or flame impingement from a fired process.

The specifications from this standard can be used to support equipment and systems previously designed and manufactured to PD 5500 Pressure vessels intended for use outside the European Union is also supported by the specification from this standard. Lastly it is also used to support for vessel design and manufacture where the pressure equipment directive is applicable The contents from this standard cover further information on materials, design, manufacture and workmanship along with inspection and testing.

PD 5500  promotes a model to assure that its standard provide useful framework drawn up as a specifications to give domestic and international manufacturing organisations of all sizes a requirements to follow to ensure pressure vessels are produced to the highest of quality and should be safe for operation This standard is essential and useful to ensure safety, right measurement, design, procedure and materials are taken into account when manufacturing unfired pressure vessels To have an access to this standard and to purchase one, Standards Global provides a gateway to gain an access to BSI.

BS PD 5500 is published by BSI British Standard Institute.

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